At Website Software Solutions we are developing our own bitcoin trading software which is one of the first real bitcoin trading bots created right here in Australia. Our lead developer and business owner Todd McIntosh is the master mind behind the project, he personally has coded the entire algorithm and logic and also tested it in live trades with his own money. In order to get the project started we actually invited others to come join us in this exciting opportunity. The project team consists of clients, friends and people we knew who would like to be involved in something that has the potential to be truly life changing.

Using an Australian exchange we began early testing of our bitcoin trading software and the results were good after day 3. However, the bitcoin price dropped suddenly during mid-May 2018 and although our software handled everything fine and minimized the losses, the huge downswing really affected trading for a couple of weeks as the volume traded was low and this made it difficult to find out just how good our software was.

With no trading experience prior to developing the bitcoin trading software in Australia Todd viewed this as an advantage over “seasoned” day traders, because of his ability to use his software skills and programming logic to formulate a unique bitcoin trading strategy that would use his knowledge of “what was possible” in terms of what a computer program could do and exactly how he could get the most out of that computer program. Looking at the Bitcoin charts it was very obvious there was a huge opportunity to take advantage of all the little rises and drops by trading bitcoin daily and buying and selling etc.  Todd noted that manually he couldn’t sell quick enough when the price suddenly dropped and therefore his buy trades would get “stuck” too high and he would have to sell them off at a loss, likewise the fast upswings manually you cannot take advantage of ,but a computer program could detect that right? And reset the sell prices a little higher in order to maximize the profits. With ideas like this and many more Todd immediately immersed himself into coding and testing the algorithm. He bought bitcoin and sold and continued to watch the crypto markets in Australia and looked for opportunities where a computer program would have an advantage. So with ideas such as machine learning and high level system design skills Todd has created something very unique and we are expecting great results.

Dear reader: As I am writing this to get an early start in a google search position you can view the project here and I will come back and update this article later once we have some real live results. We truly believe this is going to be the best bitcoin software trading app in Australia and its all automated. Stay tuned more to come…..