website software solutions seoHow your business ranks on Google today is everything, no one uses the phone book to find you anymore. People are on their phone yes but likely they are searching the internet for your business products or services. They want to know where you are NOW! Getting to the top with SEO and claiming the number 1 spot on Google for your most important keyword will bring your business website so much traffic you won’t know what to do. Seriously though effective SEO and getting to the top in search engines will be by far the biggest marketing campaign your business has ever done in terms of the success of it. Correct SEO will bring in more traffic then yellow pages, SEO will be much more cost effective then a radio ad and yet there is so many businesses that don’t do it correctly or worse they don’t even consider doing search engine optimization in their marketing plans.

SEO works best when you have other offline marketing running at the same time, for sure we are not saying to stop your radio ad, but what do you think happens when people listen to your radio ad? They jump straight onto Google trying to find you don’t they? Yes and if they type in your company name or product and can’t find you within a few seconds they are gone and you and your business are forgotten.

So what is SEO?

Search engine Optimization is the foundation of how Google sees and ranks your website, without it your website basically has a 0 rank and every other website will be ranked higher than yours. In terms of a google search that means getting to number 1 is impossible without SEO. At website software solutions the process of SEO for your business might be a one off thing or an ongoing marketing strategy it really depends on your business and your competition. We look for things that other SEO companies are too lazy to do and while we will keep our secrets hidden from this post, once we start working on your website we will do everything we can to beat your competition. When getting to the top with SEO it really depends if you can be happy with 2nd place or even a first page ranking can give good results in terms of traffic. So understanding that it will take time and money to build your website ranking and knowing that the work done and cost involved is going to pay you back once you reach your goal.

Budget for SEO

How much does SEO cost is a question we get all the time. And trying to give a quote is like you asking me how much is a new car? I don’t know the answer until I understand more about which car you would like? and the purpose of the car? make? model? etc. etc. Often then I tell clients it’s better if you set yourself a budget amount you wish to spend per month or one off fee, and I can tell you what we can do with that money to improve your website SEO. A lot of work goes into it, there is keyword research, checking your entire site, adjusting content, speed optimization, building links and much much more. It’s a big job and a skilled job, not anyone can do it, even web developers have no idea when it comes to SEO because it really is an internet marketing strategy, so you need to make sure you are talking to the right people. We hire experts in the SEO field at Website Software Solutions as we take it seriously and trying to evolve and grow our methods and strategies with SEO everyday.

What can I expect?

Great question, so when you start your SEO campaign with us the goal is obviously the number 1 position but quite often we say page 1 is a more achievable goal and when measuring success to get to page 1 is usually a good first step. Because getting to the top with SEO is the long term goal, short term goals are used such as, page 1, top 5, top 3 etc. Please contact us today to discuss this, as you can imagine and getting back to buying a car, there is a lot of variables to consider when trying to work out your search engine optimization plan.