IN 2018 we have just launched our exciting new customer Portal called WSS Customer Portal. Website Software Solutions (WSS) always have the customer in mind and we hope our new system makes life easier as much for you as it does for us. We can tell you from our end it automates a lot of our mundane admin tasks such as creating jobs, adding clients information and even invoicing. Our system admins can assign jobs to developers and easily manage our work flows.

For the customer the benefits are:

  • Forget emails – they are easily lost and forgotten (send us a job comment instead)
    • This keeps every important detail about your job in one place
    • upload attachments, word documents and pictures
  • Faster response times and faster completion of jobs
  • Discounts for customer who use the online system, we know when you use our system you actually save us a lot of admin time so we thought why not give a good incentive to use it and currently it is 20% off.
    • Its probably cheaper now to get us to make those small changes to your site to save your own time and hassle. Let our team of professionals update your about us page, change your contact details, update pages content and pictures.
    • With a minimum 1/2 hour charge (27.50) and then 20% off that its only $22 to make small changes to your site
      • why would you update your website yourself?
      • log a job today and easily pay by credit card/PayPal or EFT deposit.
  • Download all your invoices from us

Along with the endless benefits our main focus is to provide a easy to use service that allows you to login and get fast help, and above all a place where you can feel like you can easily login and log a new job task and know that it is going to get done quickly.

Thanks to all our current customers we value your business and are here to work with you in the future to improve your websites and ideally assist you in getting more sales for your business.

Is your own business day to day system out dated?

Being software developers its easy for us to build a system tailored exactly to our needs, I have a funny story…. I was attending a Ce-bit expo last year and ran into a guy from Xero, you know Xero is one of the latest accounting software platforms today and is great but for me it was a lot of stuff i don’t need. So the guy from Xero started giving me his sales pitch about Xero and everything it did and finally he asked if I would like to try it? My response was something he was not expecting and left him speechless, I simply said that sounds great but I built my own system lol. Like I said he was flawed and he quickly looked at my cebit pass hanging around my neck which said “Todd McIntosh – Web Developer” and he nodded and off i walked.

So I guess my point is yes you can go and buy yourself something off the shelf and that’s great, its a very cost effective solution. But ask yourself this question… If you had a system that did everything you wanted it to and automated a lot of your mundane tasks and actually saved you time then why would you settle for something that does heaps of stuff you don’t need and has so many features you never understand or use them? What you and your business needs is a simplified solution tailored to YOUR business needs and something that is #1 easy to use and #2 Portable so you can login from home from your IPad or Laptop. For my business it was about connecting a system that manages jobs, clients information, customers, invoicing and teams of developers, it is a huge process and first i started off with just a system that managed jobs, to-do lists and client info and that’s it, but from there this latest version really brings everything together and now i can’t live without it.

So the message is simply invest in your company/business and talk to us and see what solutions we can come up with to help you.

Best Regards

Todd McIntosh