new-website-launchOnce you have your website development quote you might find that it contains extras such as domain name registration and web hosting. These 2 things are easily explained and might seem obvious to some, basically a domain name is your address on the internet, something like is a domain name.

Domain name search: if you register a domain please do it using this link and let us know what your new domain is please. If you don’t do this don’t worry as we will register your chosen domain name for you if you don’t have one, we will ask you what domain name you would like.

The second thing is web hosting and this is simple to explain as well, it really is just a place on the internet that stores your website files, quite often we rent space from a hosting provider or full computers (servers) and this is what connects your website files to your domain name, so that is web hosting.

What else do I need with my new site?

Well good question, we recommend site protection which will help us identify any malware or security holes in your website before a hacker can steal information. Site protection is a small yearly fee and well worth it.

Ok I have my quote – how do I get started?

Great, you will see on the quote that we require a 30% deposit, bank details are on the quote as well. Just make the 30% payment so that we can commit to your project asap. You should also email us at to let us know you have paid the deposit. From there we will contact you to discuss the details of the website to be developed and work with you to make sure it is a success. If you are close to the Bathurst Area we will likely be able to meet with you in person to discuss, otherwise a phone call or skype chat is fine too.

How do I update my new website?

All new websites will come with some type of content management system (CMS) whether they are WordPress sites or custom developed ones there will be a backend admin area. You therefore are able to login to the (backend) to access and update your sites content, pictures and more.

Can you update it for me?

Yes of course we can, all updates are charged at the hourly fee of $55 per hour, most updates may only take ½ hour, we will also let you know in advance if the requested updates will take longer than 3 hours. Generally, though, changing pictures, updating text etc. are small updates and quick for us to do. So let us know and we can help.

We are looking forward to working on your new website, you can be sure it will be modern and work on all devices. We are committed to making it perfect for you and will make a reasonable amount of changes without extra charges.


Full site backups – We can provide this service if needed, currently $199 per year if you need this please mention it in an email to us, this service we will back up your full site and database every 30 days and make sure its security or version is updated as well. Any recovery from backups will be free of charge.