google-adwords-or-seoWhen you are considering SEO it is important to know exactly who your competition is and how likely it is that your site will get in front of them. If you have some big competition for your targeted SEO keywords, then it may be difficult and expensive to get your site ranked in front of them. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Google AdWords is a great way to get your content in front or your customers instantly.

What I suggest is these 2 options below, but it really depends on your budget and how big you want to go with this,

So we have 2 options when trying to rank well in Google. And you can do both of these if you like.

Option 1 – Google AdWords – quick and instant results

This is a quick solution and will get your ad straight to the top, you are charged by Google for ad clicks and you can manage your budget and billing etc. via a google login.

I charge a setup fee to setup the account, create the campaign and add the keywords etc. And a monthly fee to manage your account which means I will be checking it once or twice a month and discussing with you the different ideas and strategies so that we can improve your Google AdWords campaign.

AdWords costs summary

  • Setup fee
  • Monthly maintenance fee.
  • Estimated $500 budget per month paid to Google, can be paused at any time.
  • And you can usually get a $100 voucher Google Voucher.

Option 2 – SEO Organic search

It really depends what you want to achieve, if you are looking for a long term strategy we can do great things, in terms of costs its calculated on hourly rate and time spent on building links, optimizing pages and working on your site and behind the scenes. If you are wondering what it costs, it’s like asking “how much is a car?” I can’t say because I don’t know what type of car you want yet? So it really depends on what you are looking for and how big you want to go to get ahead of the competition.

I would suggest you would need an ongoing SEO service which can be billed monthly, please let me know your budget? perhaps $1000 a month? Your competition maybe huge sites in terms of their Google search rank. These are companies that are spending 10’s of thousands on SEO. It will take some time as well and SEO can in fact take 2-3 months before your site gains the full benefit. But our aim is to help you get to page 1 at the lowest costs to you.

SEO – costs summary

This is a marketing strategy and is best to be a budget decided by you, you might like to try $500 a month for a few months with this and we can go from there? Or if your budget allows we can try some larger amounts to help give your site a big initial push?

Basically any costs involved help build more links to your website, and we will create more in depth content on the site. So the more links back to your site, and more pages that contain your content keywords will help improve your site rank and position in Google search.

It’s up to you, but any SEO is better than none and this is a long-term strategy so any work now is always helping your site in the future. I hope this article has helped clear up the differences between Google AdWords or Organic SEO?

Getting started, contact me and then we can discuss the rest but as I said it really depends on your budget, perhaps if you can let me know the budget for SEO then I can explain more what we can do exactly for that price.

Hope this helps, and looking forward to helping your business reach number 1 in Google.