what are web appsToday’s topic or question is what are web apps? It’s a question I hear a lot and there is some confusion as to what exactly a web app is and how it differs from say a mobile app or a iPad app?

The best way to explain what are web apps is by looking at the coding language used to create the web app. The coding language used to develop the app is what allows the developer to develop specifically for the web. You see for a web app a developer must use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MYSQL which are all coding languages specifically for the web. It’s a little bit more complicated then this but in a nutshell that is exactly the answer to our question “what are web apps”. A web app is simply a program or software that has been built purposely for the web using web technologies as described.

So that’s it then, but there’s more to it because to truly understand what are web apps we also need to look at other types of apps so we can compare them. The most common apps nowadays is on our smart phones and there are 3 main phone types, they are Android Apps, IPhone apps and Windows phone apps. You might have guessed that all 3 of these smart phone apps use different programming languages and that’s exactly 100% correct. Android phones use Java as the programming language, IPhone uses Objective C programming language while windows phone uses C# (C-sharp). So as you can see its quite complicated as a developer to build a software app for a mobile device or the web.

A web app though has one very large advantage over all other apps. Smart phones, computers and IPads all have a browser which means that a web app will run and work on ANY modern device with a browsers. If you think about that for a moment it makes  a web app very powerful and in fact superior compared to the others. So for portability a web app will work anywhere and on any device and this suits a lot of businesses and small organisations looking to develop an app.

In conclusion we found out some interesting answers to our question what are web apps. And I hope this article has given you some insight into web technologies and how they can be a viable solution when considering what type of app to develop, web apps are what you should consider when you are next looking to develop a software application.